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‘Chocolate’, a famous Thai martial arts movie from 2008, caused considerable excitement for its fans. The film directed by Prachya Pinkaew, is a follow-up to ‘Ong bak’ and ‘Tom Yum Kung’ (known in US as ‘Protector’) starring Tony Jaa, made famous around the world.

However, Prachya Pinkaew’s latest is titled ‘Chocolate’, where this time he does the same for female ‘Muay Thai’ boxing starring JeeJa Yanin. Even though, the film has been out for a few years ago, it is finally coming to America where it will be remade as the best Thai martial art movie of the year.

  Moreover, at 2009 Puchon International Fantastic festival (PiFAN), Prachya Pinkaew’s Chocolate won the prize for European Fantastic Film Festival Asian Award.

Many martial arts films have to establish their hulking, muscled heroes as underdogs in order to make their exploits look more dramatic and impressive. The star ofChocolate, however, needs no such handicap. Thin and pretty, she looks more like a ballerina than a bone-crunching enforcer. As it turns out, shes a little bit of both.
           Vast hordes of snarling men wielding sharp objects are silenced by Yanins lightning-quick feet, knees and elbows in Chocolate, and as viewers there’s little else you can do but cheer her on and marvel at the spectacle. One hopes that her career will progress a bit more smoothly than Thailand’s best known martial arts hero Tony Jaa, who has faltered after his magical debut inOng-Bak. We’ll find out soon, because the trailer for her highly anticipated new film Raging Phoenix is already online. And if you find her real name difficult, shes now being re-branded as [Jija] Yanin.” KoreanFilm.org’s Darcy Paguet says.

A young autistic girl named ‘Zen’ has learned martial arts skill by watching television and also Thai boxing school next to her home. Zen develops uncanny swift reflexes by catching balls thrown without even looking.

Because Zen’s mother needs money for Chemotherapy, Zen and her friend Mangmoom try to make money by performing Zen’s talented. However, they are not able to earn enough money for the cancer treatment. One day, Mangmoom discovers the name list of all debtors in Zen’s mother notebook. Therefore Zen and Mangmoom decide to go to collect the money from the debts. Unfortunately, this leads them to confront with criminal gang comrades and rivals, who are against Zen’s mother after she fell in love with Zen’s father, a Japanese Yakuza.








Shutter★’ชัตเตอร์ กดติดวิญญาณ’

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Shutter★’ชัตเตอร์ กดติดวิญญาณ’

The Thai horror movie ‘Shutter’ directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom, earned the most money ever in 2004. The movie received a 7.6 and 79% “Fresh” rating from Rotten Tomatoes, a website devoted to reviews and news of film.

Moreover, Shutter was nominated and made famous at the 2005 Golden Kinnaree Award for the best film at the Bangkok International Film Festival. The film has also won various awards from small festivals around the world. 

In 2008 a new ‘Shutter’ was released as an American remake, directed by Masayuki Ochiai. Its story still follows a young photographer and his girlfriend on their honeymoon in Tokyo where they soon begin to see ghostly images in their photographs.

From the original story, the horror begins when Thun (starring Ananda Everingham), a young photographer and his girlfriend, Jane (starring Natthaweeranuch Thongmee) accidentally hit a woman on the street while driving their car. They decide to drive away and leave the woman lying on the street. Later Thun discovers mysterious shadows, which appear on his photographs. This leads Jane to believe that it is because of the woman who was hit on the road haunting them.

After the accident, Thun experiences severe neck pain without reason. Not only is Thun being haunted by the mysterious woman but also Thun’s friends. Jane starts to discover that the woman was Natre (starring Achita Sikamana), a shy girl who was in the same college with Thun and had a secret relationship with him. Natre threatened to commit suicide when Thun broke off the relationship.

Thun starts to be haunted by Natre’s ghost so he and Jane go to visit Natre’s mother, where finally they find that Natre committed suicide in her bedroom.

When he returns to Bangkok, all of his friends who were in the same college with him have also committed suicide.

One day, Jane finds a set of negatives hidden behind the bookcase. After developing them she finds out that Thun’s friends were sexually assaulting Natre. Then she feels betrayed by his lies so she leaves him.

Thun is still haunted by the ghost. He tries to take Polaroid photographs in his apartment to find Natre but has no success. He throws the camera across the room without turning it off, taking a photograph of himself. When the Polaroid develops, it shows Natre sitting on Thun’s sholders, the cause of his ongoing severe neck pain. So he jumps from the window to try to escape.

At the end of the story, the shot shows Thun slumped over in a hospital bed with Jane. In the door’s glass reflection, Natre is still sitting on his shoulder. 



♣ Buppha Rahtree3.2★Rahtree Revenge♠

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Buppha Rahtree3.2★Rahtree Revenge [บุบผาราตรี3.2]

On August 20 2009, the latest installment of a famous horror movie series was opened in Thai cinemas. ‘Buppha Rahtree’ 3.2 is directed by Yuthlert Sippapak, known as one of the most active and successful commercial directors in Thailand. Moreover, he made history as ‘The first Thai film to be classified under Thailand’s new motion-picture ratings system’, reports Wise Kwai at his Thai Film Journal.

Closely following the third installment, Buppha Rahtree 3.1, which was released earlier this year, Yuthlert Sippapak has continued the story with one of the favorite comedy style horror films of all time.

Since the last installment ‘Buppha’ (directed by ‘Ploy’ Chermarn Boonyasak) reincarnated as a little razor-blade girl named ‘Pla’, the abused step-daughter of a barber (Santisuk Promsiri). Pla ran away from home, where she was atrociously killed and becomes a ghost to haunt room 609, Buppha’s room in Oscar Apartment which in this installment becomes a secret casino after rumors of its haunting.

However, there is a young good-looking boy ‘Rung’ who has a sixth sense for seeing ghosts in the Oscar apartments. One day, he meets the ghost Buppha who used to be his tutor when he was young. When Rung was a child, he had a crush on Buppha during her childhood. 

The director, Yuthlert Sippapak wrote the intertwined sequel in a smart way with complex interrelations between Buppha, the main actress and the new characters.





★Iron Man II★

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★Iron Man II★

Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment present the anticipated sequel to the action-adventure  series‘, with Iron Man 2’, directed by Jon Favreau and famously starring Robert Downey Jr. The movie opened earning $100.2 million at the box office in its first week, at 6,845 locations in 53 territories.

The sequel to ‘Iron Man’ features billionaire inventor Anthony Edward ‘Tony’ Stark (starring by Robert Downey Jr.) as the armored Super Hero. Under pressure from Government, the media and the public, they press him to share the technology of creating Iron man with the military.


Tony is not willing to reveal the secrets behind the Iron Man’s armor. He is afraid the technology will slip into the wrong hands.  Only Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes (Don Cheadle) agree with him and are at his side. Tony tries to create new technology armors and alliances to confront his new powerful foes.

Reference: http://www.imdb.com/news/ni2299564/


★The Tooth Fairy★

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‘The Tooth Fairy’

            Twentieth Century Fox is releasing ‘The Tooth Fairy’, starring former WWE legend Dwayne Johnson, which will be released on May 4, 2010. The script for this movie was written by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel, the authors of Parenthood, Fever Pitch, A League of Their Own and Multiplicity.

Dwayne Johnson plays Derek Thompson, a hard-charging minor professional league hockey player, who is nicknamed “The Tooth Fairy” for his habit of separating opposing players from their bicuspids. One day a miracle happens to him as Derek accidentally discourages his girlfriend (Ashley Judd)’s daughter (Destiny Whitlock), because he believe that there is no such thing as the tooth fairy.  He gets in trouble not only with his girlfriend but also with the fairy godmother (Julie Andrews).  

This is due to the fact that his cynical attitude makes him the attention of a fairy godmother, who punishes him to work in this position. He is sentenced to labor as a real tooth fairy, with real wings and a magic wand for one week.  Even though at first Derek cannot handle this job, where there is the stumbling block as he tries to wing through a strangers’ home, he follows what tooth fairy’s do until he finally begins to rediscover his own forgotten dreams.


‘Alice In Wonderland’

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‘Alice in Wonderland’, will not be screened in the UK’s Odeon Cinemas

The new film 3D blockbuster by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp ‘Alice in Wonderland, will not be shown on all screens. The film has suffered a huge setback with Odeon cinemas, which is the biggest cinema chain in the UK. This is all due to the fact that Disney plans to reduce the period in which it can be screened in cinemas. Moreover, the DVD version will be released after 12 weeks rather than the standard 17 weeks. 

                The classic fable “Alice’s adventure in Wonderland” known as “Alice in Wonderland” has been taken from the famous children’s novel and released in a new version 3D movie. However, the film was adapted and changed from the original so that it continues with an unexpected story and makes it more interesting.


The fantasy film ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was released upon America’s Box Office, where in the firs week it surprisingly earned US$116 million. It was recorded as a 3D computer graphic film, which earned higher revenue than Avatar, directed by James Cameron.

According to news on Feb 24th, an agreement with Disney was reached screening the blockbuster worldwide on more than 150 screens. Disney plan to then release film on DVD at the end of May.



★How to train your ‘Dragon’★

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Do you know ‘How to train your dragon’?

            DreamWorks Animation, which has delivered the ‘Shrek’ trilogy, the ‘Madagascar’ adventures and ‘Kung Fu Panda’, now releases ‘How to train your Dragon’, the newest 3D computer-animated adventure comedy directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sander. The film is based on the popular children’s book series by Cressida Cowell.

            The story centers around a Viking chief named ‘Hiccup’ (voiced by Jay Baruchel) who lives in the Viking town of Berk, where fighting dragons is the way of life. Hiccup is a misfit adolescent and the laughingstock of the town. However, he is still included in Dragon training with the others. So upon entering Dragon training, he has the chance to prove himself and make his father proud. But when he encounters and ultimately befriends an injured dragon, his world is turned upside down.


 Even though it is not as popular as ‘Madagascar’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’ or some other movies, ‘How to train your dragon’ reached the top spot with $43 million in ticket sales on March 28th 2010 according to the news. It displaced ‘Alice in Wonderland’, which dropped to second after three straight weekends at the top of the Box Offeice.

            Furthermore, according to Box Office Mojo, nine of the first 13 American box office weekends have been topped and replaced by 3D films. ‘How to train your Dragon’ played in 3D at more than half of its 4,050 theaters earning a sizzling $10,678 on average per location and in 185 Imax venues. It is now competing for 3D screen- audience attention with Alice in Wonderland, News Corp’s, Hot Tub Time Machine and Avatar.

           In commenting on 3D movies, Gitesh Pandya editor of New York-based Box Office Guru LLC said, “We have never seen the formal take off like this before …It gives people an experience that they can’t get at home. It’s not just a fad. It’s here to stay.”