‘Alice In Wonderland’

‘Alice in Wonderland’, will not be screened in the UK’s Odeon Cinemas

The new film 3D blockbuster by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp ‘Alice in Wonderland, will not be shown on all screens. The film has suffered a huge setback with Odeon cinemas, which is the biggest cinema chain in the UK. This is all due to the fact that Disney plans to reduce the period in which it can be screened in cinemas. Moreover, the DVD version will be released after 12 weeks rather than the standard 17 weeks. 

                The classic fable “Alice’s adventure in Wonderland” known as “Alice in Wonderland” has been taken from the famous children’s novel and released in a new version 3D movie. However, the film was adapted and changed from the original so that it continues with an unexpected story and makes it more interesting.


The fantasy film ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was released upon America’s Box Office, where in the firs week it surprisingly earned US$116 million. It was recorded as a 3D computer graphic film, which earned higher revenue than Avatar, directed by James Cameron.

According to news on Feb 24th, an agreement with Disney was reached screening the blockbuster worldwide on more than 150 screens. Disney plan to then release film on DVD at the end of May.




~ by mgvodkas on April 15, 2010.

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