‘Chocolate’, a famous Thai martial arts movie from 2008, caused considerable excitement for its fans. The film directed by Prachya Pinkaew, is a follow-up to ‘Ong bak’ and ‘Tom Yum Kung’ (known in US as ‘Protector’) starring Tony Jaa, made famous around the world.

However, Prachya Pinkaew’s latest is titled ‘Chocolate’, where this time he does the same for female ‘Muay Thai’ boxing starring JeeJa Yanin. Even though, the film has been out for a few years ago, it is finally coming to America where it will be remade as the best Thai martial art movie of the year.

  Moreover, at 2009 Puchon International Fantastic festival (PiFAN), Prachya Pinkaew’s Chocolate won the prize for European Fantastic Film Festival Asian Award.

Many martial arts films have to establish their hulking, muscled heroes as underdogs in order to make their exploits look more dramatic and impressive. The star ofChocolate, however, needs no such handicap. Thin and pretty, she looks more like a ballerina than a bone-crunching enforcer. As it turns out, shes a little bit of both.
           Vast hordes of snarling men wielding sharp objects are silenced by Yanins lightning-quick feet, knees and elbows in Chocolate, and as viewers there’s little else you can do but cheer her on and marvel at the spectacle. One hopes that her career will progress a bit more smoothly than Thailand’s best known martial arts hero Tony Jaa, who has faltered after his magical debut inOng-Bak. We’ll find out soon, because the trailer for her highly anticipated new film Raging Phoenix is already online. And if you find her real name difficult, shes now being re-branded as [Jija] Yanin.” KoreanFilm.org’s Darcy Paguet says.

A young autistic girl named ‘Zen’ has learned martial arts skill by watching television and also Thai boxing school next to her home. Zen develops uncanny swift reflexes by catching balls thrown without even looking.

Because Zen’s mother needs money for Chemotherapy, Zen and her friend Mangmoom try to make money by performing Zen’s talented. However, they are not able to earn enough money for the cancer treatment. One day, Mangmoom discovers the name list of all debtors in Zen’s mother notebook. Therefore Zen and Mangmoom decide to go to collect the money from the debts. Unfortunately, this leads them to confront with criminal gang comrades and rivals, who are against Zen’s mother after she fell in love with Zen’s father, a Japanese Yakuza.








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